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House Healing

Our houses can become just as sick as our bodies can. Buildings can hold heavy energies, or there may be geophysical energies and underground streams, which can cause dis-ease. If a stream of geopathic energy passes under your bed or a place in your home where you sit a lot, there is a high risk of you getting sick. these geophysical energies can cause relationship, health, and mental issues.

All of our electrical appliances emit damaging energies (i.e. EMFs) that may cause illness and disease. Spiritually clearing these energies can improve your health and comfort level. As a holistic therapist, I can do this for a house, apartment, place of business, or a plot of land.

Some reasons to energetically clear a space:

  • Welcoming a new baby, new partnership, or other celebratory moments.

  • Moving into a new house (remove stagnant energies lingering from past residents).

  • There has been illness, divorce, death, or other stressful situations.

  • You feel creatively blocked.

  • Unusual sleep patterns or recurring nightmares.

  • Unusual bad communication.

  • Feeling a presence, even when you know you are alone.

  • Strange odors that have no source.

  • High paranormal activity levels.

  • Unusual 'bad luck'.

  • Orbs showing up in pictures.

  • A strange negative feeling in certain areas of your home, office or on the land you occupy.

This process is done in several stages as follows:

Divining & removal of geopathic stress:

I firstly check for any geopathic stress/interference lines that might be running through the property or land. I then clean and heal them energetically through ritual and my guides.


I burn a blend of sacred herbs in a smudging ceremony. This is an act of using sacred smoke to cleanse the air and energy of a space. Smudging releases old energy that has accumulated over time and can remove the 'heavy' feeling that can exist in a space.


This cleansing technique involves the sprinkling of Florida Water (an aromatic blend common in Central and South America) around the property while in a state of prayer. This is performed to release harmful and unneeded energy.

Despacho (Offering Bundle)

This is a sacred prayer bundle, which is filled with offerings to the spirit of the land and home to nourish it. It is a peace offering and an honoring of the land, mother earth, and the ancestors. This offering is made to bring harmony between the people and the land they reside upon. All components of the despacho are provided by me and the shrine is left for a full day and then buried by the owners of the property on the land to feed Pachamama (Mother Earth).

Medicine Wheel

This is a drumming ceremony for acknowledging the seven directions of the earth (east, south, west, north, above, below, and center). By Acknowledging the directions we acknowledge the connection that a space has with the world and universe around it. This process can 'anchor' a space and make it feel more stable and more connected with spirit. 

Connecting to a space's spirit

In shamanism, we believe that everything has a spirit (humans, animals, rocks, plants, and the land). Using this technique, I project my consciousness into the spirit worlds to connect with the spirit of the particular space and land. If this spirit is in need of healing, I perform the healing. If the spirit has a message to convey, then I share them with the people residing in the space. Through this process, we can enter a partnership between the spirit of the space and those residing in it so that a healthy union can be established and maintained.


This is the process of conducting souls through their transition of life and death. This heals and releases any disincarnate spirits that may be confused, wounded, or caught between life and death.

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