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The Power of Cacao

‘Mother Cacao’ is a beautiful and decadent plant medicine. She is packed with the following therapeutic and elevating elements that help us to come out of our busy minds and into our hearts: 

  • Phenylethylamine: a natural antidepressant 

  • Anandamide: known as the bliss molecule 

  • Theobromine: creates the heart opening and expansion of energy in the body 

  • Magnesium: helps you to relax and drop into a meditative state 


All these elements work in synergy to gently open your heart, release emotions, and show you where you are stuck in life. When taken with intention, the spirit of cacao guides you to drop into your heart and follow your deepest desires. The more you let your heart open—and stay open—the more you will notice big changes in your life.

At times, she is a soft whisper in your ear; other times she is a deafening wake-up call to follow your destiny. She only takes you to the depths of where you are willing to go. You will be taken to a place of peace in your body as she invites you to drop into your heart space and reconnect with your soul. 


  • Guides you to listen to your heart's desires and to follow through on them with passion 

  • Enables you to access and gently release subconscious emotions that have been keeping you stuck in life  

  • Supports you like a dear friend through tough times and gives you a much-needed lift when your mood is low 

  • Self-love and self-acceptance 

  • Particularly potent for manifesting goals and dreams 


Cacao works amazingly with anything she is paired with, for example, breath work, meditation, yoga, dance, forest bathing, singing.


Pregnant women and people on heart medication or antidepressants will require a lower dose during cacao ceremonies because of the theobromine (increases the heart rate by 20-30 %). Do not take cacao and go into a sweat lodge or sauna. 

How to Buy:

Keith's Ceremonial Cacao can be purchased for €45.00. Get in touch via the contact page for more information.

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